Altered Mixed Media Old School Roller Skates

Hello everyone.
Today I’m sharing a new mixed media project. I have got these old school roller skates in my stash for a while. And now I decided to alter these. I also did a step-by-step video for you to watch at my YouTube-channel.

I started to paint them with white gesso. To prepare them for all the coloring.

Then I started to decorate them. I added chipboard pieces, metal keys, metal pieces, paper flowers, fabric letters and strings, screws, cardboard cogs, flower pot stones and lace.

Then I painted them again with white gesso. It’s good with several layers.

Next, I started to add color. I started with acrylic paint in pink and purple. Thinned it with water.

I also sprayed them with ink sprays in purple and pink.

Next, I enhanced the textures with Inka Gold in two colors.

Then, I dry-painted them with white gesso to lighten up the color and to enhance the textures some more.

Finally, I decorated with purple rhinestones here and there.

Have a crafty day!

Material used

White gesso
Metal pieces
Chipboard pieces
Metal keys
Paper flowers
Metal pieces from clothes pins
Fabric letters and strings
Cardboard cogs
Flower pot stones
Acrylic paint in purple and pink
Inka Gold Graphite and Magenta
Purple rhinestones

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