Flap Card with a small tutorial

Hello everyone.
Today I’m sharing another folded card. I found this fold called Lane Flap Card at The Craft Spa. There you found a tutorial in French to a tutorial with centimeter, and I craft in inch, so I decided to make my own version in inch. So I got a short tutorial here, how I did it.

Material Needed
1 piece in 8″x6″ of cardstock
1 piece in 8″x 2″ of cardstock
2 pieces in 1 7/8″x 1 7/8″ of cardstock (if you choose to use only 10 pieces of patterned papers)
10 pieces (or 12) in 1 7/8″x1 7/8″ of patterned papers
2 pieces in 5 7/8″x 1 7/8″ of patterned papers

I started with a piece of 8″x6″, that I scored at 2″, 4″ and 6″. Then I cut out a middle section of it, that is 2″x4″. I folded the card like this: valley, mountain and then valley again.

Next piece is 2″x8″. I’ve folded it at 1″, 2″, 4″, 6″ and 7″. I’ve folded it as valley, mountain, valley, mountain and valley again.

Next, I cut out 10 pieces of patterned papers in size of 1 7/8″x 1 7/8″. Two of the pieces I scored between 7/8″ and 1″. I attached all the patterned pieces to the folded pieces.

I turned the small piece upside down and added glue to the 1″ fold as the picture show. I attach the piece in the middle of the bigger piece to the edge.

Then, I cut out two pieces of gray cardstock in the size of 1 7/8″x1 7/8″ and stamped sentiments to them, and then I attached them in the middle of the card. I also cut out two pieces of patterned papers in the size of 5 7/8″x1 7/8″ that I added to the front and back of the card.

Have a crafty day!

Material used in this project
Two shades of gray cardstock
One patterned paper
Sentiment stamp
Distress ink

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