Hello everyone.
We moved to another apartment, while they are renovating the house we’re living in. So that means, we did some alterations. Our children got their own rooms, no more charing, and I got to move my craft room into the living room. We’re only going to live in this apartment for 6 months, so I did pack about 4 or 6 boxes with craft stuff, that I have in our storehouse.

So in this book shelf, I got some of my craft stuffs. I got my mixed media, things to alter, children crafting, my copics, flowers, stamping pad, big shot, my printer, all my stamps, finished cards, album with sentiments, die-cuts, stones, paper pieces, gesso and acrylics, patterned and solid papers, cards and envelopes, my embossing folders and stencils. There’s a lot of stuffs.

Some parts of this book shelf, I’m sharing with the rest of the family, like our other book shelf as well.

In this one, I got three sorting mini shelves, that I got a lot of stuff in, like sequins, die-cut letters, chipboards and so on. I also got my art journals in this shelf, and my stickers.

I also got stuff in this dresser. Here, I got my dies and punches, papers, tools, Polkadoodles products and a mixed drawer with the stuff that I really don’t know where to put.

Then we go over to the crafting area. I got a bigger desk with drawers. I got my Skådis board on the wall and my wrapping papers. To my board I have added my ribbons, scissors and other tools, paintbrushes and spatulas, my blending tools, tape and other tools I need close. On the desk I got my heating tool, my cardstock and a sorting cabinet with a lot of stuff in it. Like brads, metal embellishments, pearls, 3D foam pillows and so on. I also got a lot of pens close and my desk lamp.

In my drawers I got a lot of stuff there too. I got my tapes and glues, inka gold, stickles and embossing powders, ink spray, mediums, clay molds, resin, butterflies and more pearls.

In the second drawer, I got my ink pads, copics refills, pics to color, more stamp stuffs, copics papers and more ribbons and some twines.

And with that said, remember I got 4-6 boxes filled with craft stuff in my storehouse.

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