Altered dollhouse in-progress

Hi everyone.
I’ve started working on a wooden dollhouse. But today, I wanted to share the first in-progress photos with you. I started by painting the dollhouse with white gesso. For the furnitures, I used wooden sticks.

For the bedroom, I’ve only built together the bed so far and painted it with white gesso.

For the kitchen, I’ve created a dinner table and dinner sofas. I also created the stove and a refrigerator. For the hobs, I used keyboard keys. As the picture shows, I’ve started to create hinges for the refrigerator door.

For the living room, I’ve created sofas, a table, and a bookshelf. And of course, painted them all white.

For the bathroom, I started to create the furniture for the sinks and a shower cabin.

For the outside, I’ve added bricks with a stencil and texture paste, and also added some metal embellishments. For the roof, I cut out cardboard pieces and glued them on top of each other.

And so far have I’ve done!

Have a crafty day!

Material used

Wooden dollhouse
Wooden sticks
White gesso
Metal embellishments
Texture paste
Keyboard keys

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