Folded train with wagons

Hello,today I’m gonna show you a new folded train. I used a template from a gingerbreadtrain and modified it a little bit to make it possible to assemble. Instead of using the wheel templates, I die-cutted out circles instead. I decorated the train with patterned papers, metalcogs, die-cutted cogs and some pearls. Have a crafty … Continue reading Folded train with wagons

Children crafting making a dinosaur train

 Hello,I saw a so cute train in the magazine Papercraft inspirations that I felt that I needed to do. Here is the link with templates to the magazine. I cut out all the templates and decorated with a patterned paper. The wheels I changed a little bit. I die-cut out them in two colors and … Continue reading Children crafting making a dinosaur train

Origami star box with black flowers

Hello,today I’m gonna show you an orgiami star box. I’ve followed a tutorial from Creativities. The tutorial can you find here. I’ve started by choosing a doublepatterned paper and folded the box after the decriptions in the tutorial. After that I’ve made the handles from black paper and draw some swirls and cut out by … Continue reading Origami star box with black flowers

Folded suitcase with Inka gold

Hello everyone.Today I'm sharing a folded suitcase for JE Scrap & hobby. I got all the parts, all I had to do was to assemble everything. For the sides I used a text stamp and added patterns with stencils and Inka Gold. I also added pieces of mulberry paper. I decorated with a chipboard key, … Continue reading Folded suitcase with Inka gold